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Part of my "business plan" if you can call it that, is to thumb my nose at traditional sales models. I have no illusions—I'm a terrible capitalist. As much as I recognize that money makes the world go 'round, I generally dislike the systems that have been put in place because of it.

Thanks to the advertising economy that has become so prevalent, our personal data and private information are worth their weight in gold to companies and corporate entities. When we're not being nickled and dimed by the media we consume, we're being outright lied to and stolen from. I don't ever want to become a part of that dog-eat-dog, zero-sum-game malarky.

To that end, most—if not all—of the enterprises linked to on this site will (hopefully) be supported financially by Patrons and Sponsors. I believe very strongly in putting in the time and effort to create media of substance and quality. I hesitate to call anything I make a "product." Too many things are commodified these days. I don't want to sell a product. To me, anything labeled as a product connotes something pumped out at the lowest cost for the highest price the market will tolerate. Yuck!

So, if I make quality media that any of you enjoy, help support the creation of more! Become a Patron over at our Patreon campaign, or if you represent a business that feels like I do, become a Sponsor! Giving money isn't the only way to help out though, spread the word by posting about the stuff I do! Every little bit helps.

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