I'm glad you stopped by. My name is Evan Maruszewski and this is sort of a master hub for all the creative projects I am currently engaged in. Cream City Media used to be a full-service multimedia company, but now it largely acts as an organizational unit to house all the things I'm passionate about.

So, please check out all there is to see, and if you're so inclined and would like to help support me and my work, I encourage you to become a Patron!

If you would like to commission work or hire me for a project, please get in touch. I'm easy to work with.

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Latest Updates

It's been a long time coming, but I've finally updated the site and the Patreon campaign!

I also decided to put some of my other imprints on temporary hiatus until I make Cream City Media the creative powerhouse I feel it ought to be.

To that end—for the foreseeable future—Cream City Media and the projects I am pursuing through it will be my primary focus ☺

Games + Apps

Battle of Solar System Polakie Games sketchfab Models

Video + Audio

Youtube NTSC music The Anti

Sharks + Comics

Battle of Solar System MKE comics


Milwaukee Equipment Library Milwaukee Polka Riot! November Criminals Polka Hip Hop
Premnor: Progressive hardcore zydeco

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